Khamul Rules


Have the least points at the end of the game. One game takes as many rounds as necessary until one player reaches certain amount of points, usually 100.

Round sequence

(4 players game)

  1. Goal is to have the lowest value of cards in player’s hand at the end of the Khamul round.
  2. Cards – Deck of 52 cards, each type of card is present 4times, excluding Jokers.
  3. Each player receives 4 cards – placed heads down in front of them on the table.
  4. Player can look at 2 cards and only once, then never look at it again unless allowed by another card or rule. So all players will look at 2 of their cards. Can decide which 2 cards.
  5. Random player starts game – by drawing 1 card from the top of the draw deck.
  6. Continuing clockwise – to the left of the current player.
  7. When player puts the last card down, next player start his turn by first drawing a card from the draw deck or drawing the card discarded by the previous player into the discard pile.
  8. Player looks at the card he just drew.
  9. Player can decide to:
    1. discard the card to the discard pile heads up
      1. A – Discarded card number allows all players around the table to discard card of identical value immediately (considering they remember it:-).
      2. A – If player has more cards of similar values he can discard all of them.
      3. A – If the player mistakenly tries to discard a card with different value he has to put this card back into his hand and draw another card into his hand without looking at it
    2. keep the card and switch it for one of the cards in his hand
      1. B – Card can be switched for any of the cards in players hand
      2. B – While switching cards players will see the value of discarded card
      3. B – If card has a special function the function is immediatelly invoked.
  10. Following player can draw the last card from the top of discard pile/can draw the card discarded by the previous player if he wishes to do so. Such card has to be switched with one of the cards in his hand.
  11. Continue steps 6-13 until one of the players has 5 or less points.
  12. In case the draw deck is depleted, discard pile is shuffled to form a new draw deck.
  13. When the players turn comes he has to announce Khamul to all players and the last round will follow.
  14. The remaining players each have 1 last round to play.
  15. When the round comes back to the player that announced Khamul, all cards are revealed.
  16. Points are counted and recorded.
  17. Deck shuffles
  18. Cards are dealt and new round of Khamul begins starting the player that won the last round.

All time rules

Players can rearrange their cards on the table at any time without looking at them (in order to confuse the opponents).
Players can discard any card from their hand that they think has same value as the card at the top of discard pile.

View cards rules

2 cards at the beginning of the game.
When switching cards and discarding the switched card.
When playing the Jack.
When discarding card on similar value card and mistakenly turning card of different value.
When swapping card with a player after playing Black King the player discarding the Black King can look at the card he received in this exchange.

Special Cards


Red Kings – value=0;
Black Kings – value=10; When discarded player can swap any of his cards with any other card at the table(with any other player)
Red Queens – Value=20;
Black Queens – value=10; When discarded, the player can force any other player to draw a card from draw pile adding it to his hand without looking at it.
Jacks – value=10; When discarded, the player can look(turn) one of his cards and look at its value.

Card Values

Points are counted at the end of Khamul round and only for those cards you have currently in your hand.

Black Queen=10;
Red Queen=20;
Red King=0;
Black King=10;

Not announcing Khamul when having 5 or less points = +20;
Player with 0 cards at the end of the game gets -5 from his current score;
Player that has the lowest score at the end of the round has 0 for this Khamul round.