Chinese Internet is simply lovable

Chinese Internet…

…I love it. Because it makes me feel like I am back in 90’s. Like I am young again. It takes me back in time. Beat me up, the Chinese Internet is practically a time machine. The only think it misses is the sound of dial-up modem while connecting. Apart from that it behaves pretty much the same. 

Especially in times when I have to prepare a class really fast. That class is about to begin in 35 minutes and my materials are located somewhere down the rabid hole. As same as Alice I am following the white(search) rabid. I know exactly what I am looking for and how to search for it(read as: which search term to use to get relevant search results) but Chinese Internet has a bad day today. Probably killing time by making up with Great Chinese Firewall.

Which means:

  1. You wait for each search result about 2 minutes – hitting F5 helps a bit
  2. In case BCF did not removed the “inconvenient” sites, those you click on having .blogspot or .wordpress domain are automatically 404 errors
  3. No Youtube
  4. No picasa
  5. No FB or Twitter
  6. Loading pictures takes literally eternity

Well all of that could be bearable and honestly I had to get used to it…..
But why ooooh why does that lovable Chinese Internet have to ban you from searches anytime you click on an “inconvenient/inappropriate” search result site…
your next search with any kind of results can be conducted after 10 minutes. Seriously which intergalactic ass-hole came up whit such a functionality.

Imagine you are in front of the screen, your students are already in class waiting for you and you clicked on the site you know there is descriptive example for the grammar issue lectured today. BAM. Yes. It is there. Yes, you remember it properly. NO, you will not access it. Cause BFG…ehm GCF just has a bad day. Not only you don’t have a chance to look for that material elsewhere – preferably a Chinese site, but you are unable to get any search results for another ten minutes. “Slightly irritated” you go to the class and with all your skill and ability explain the issue in words or in my case very limited drawing skills:-D

Stone age of the Internet and for the price of a broadband…still cheap for a time machine!