Random Food Finger-point 我想这是一个鸭腿

Chinese Food Finger-point Alfa

Looks: 4

Smell: 5

Spiciness: 2

Satisfaction Factor: 7

Overall:  Good

Price TAG: 13 RMB

I guess it was a Duck leg. Honestly when I came into the restaurant i was totally definitelly decided to go for my usual – Jiao zi(饺子). But when i marched inside the restaurant, I saw a guy sitting over there at the first table eating something reminding me a full-fledged dish. I really miss the European style of serving meal. 

Chinese dining style is not bad, not at all. It’s just; you have to have more people participating on the feast to really enjoy that style. If one (waiguo ren) wants to eat alone then western “one plate-one meal” style is simply better.

Flag up. Mind set changed. Ni hao with the lao ban…POINTING to the guys plate and squeezing zi ge through my teeth. Boss understood well and without a word went to prepare my food. Although it was not looking too appealing at first sight, it was really a decent food and I did not make a mistake to choose it. The only spicy thing was those red-orange slices of pickles. Vegetable was steamed and big plate of brown something(tofu) along with duck leg was boiled in brownish soy water. Plain rice, not salty and slightly drizzled with oil. Once again a good choice while randomizing my energy supply.

Thank you random guy, whoever you are and wherever you live…hope to meet you at our dumpling restaurant again 🙂

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