Qijiang – Sanhui trip

Chongqing to Qijiang to Sanhui

For the Sweeping tomb Holiday here in china, people are gathering with their relatives at the tombs of their ancestors to pay them respect. Lucky me, as I encountered yet another friend on Couchsurfing which was eager to share this spiritual experience with some foreigners. Kelly and me exchanged QQ numbers and eventually agreed on a date to join her and her family in not-closely specified rural area of Chongqing province, Qijiang municipality for the celebration. I called a couple of foreign friends to join me on this quest and eventually Zhenia and George were eager to go for a small tripping.

4th of April 6:30. Oh, how I “love” super-early morning wake-ups. Our schedule however dictates sacrifices. Looking out of the window…for once, the weather forecast is correct…Rain!! Calling George as he asked me to do so last night. Lovely Chinese voice of a lady announces me the customer could not be reached for a 4th time. His sleep must be really strong today. its still early and I have time to prepare sandwiches(三明治 – I just love Chinese way of taking foreign word and translating it according to the sound:-). 2 loafs of toast bread, butter, slice of Ham, 2 slices of cheese, 5 rings of cucumber, 1 slice of red paprika. Wrapped into food-foil. 2 pieces for each of us. That should be enough.

7:15 – We should be in Qijiang at 10, the bus takes about 2 hours and I am still in my nightgown. Quickly changing dress and god bless my providence for packing the backpack in the evening. In less than 10 minutes I listen to pumpy beats of Crush on hardcore: TATWCV and heading to Nanping Bus station, right next to the exit nr. 4 of Subway station Nanping.

Tasting the local food from farmers is more than a pleasure. The house keeper aka Kelly’s grand-uncle asked me, if I want to try his home made bai jiou. First I thought it will be pretty similar to what I got from my Christmas holiday hosts in Romania, but here in China “white whine” means a 40% and stronger spirit. Old man brought 2 big shot glasses and a plastic bottle filled with white liquid. Nice, maybe it will be something like Slivovice in Czech. But even in Czech you will not get the full 1dl of such strong spirit at once.