Random Food once in the lifetime

Random Chinese food

Looks: 2

Smell: 2

Spiciness: 5

Satisfaction Factor: 2

Overall: No

Price TAG: 12 RMB

Once after work, I was really hungry and searching for some fast food to fill me up. Flor took me to one of her favorite food stalls or a local Chinese fast food – Lai de quai. You can get this fried meat or vegetable on sticks in there, or just a simple soup. Or…this famous spicy noodles. For just 4 RMB you can get fast, spicy and for someone definitely delicious noodles. Unfortunately not for me. Not only they were spicy the way I don’t like (too hot and no other taste), but also I felt the noodles like spongy wet worms mingling in my mouth. Not a pleasant experience. I made it through the half of the noodles just because I was really hungry. The only thing making it a little appealing was the fresh coriander on top of it. No more thank you very much.

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