Back in classroom with Murphy

Everything goes wrong all at once.

As I came back from Romania, almost all my Chinese world collapsed. I was forced to leave work due to surging competition in our field and area (putting it this way simply sounds much better:). In addition my apartment rental run out. And what a coincidence, also my good old laptop(VBI FL.92) departed to Silicon Heaven.

I started to search the first day I came back. My former manager was very helpful and I have to thank Sandra for her recommendation and contacts. I diced to push it to the public sector since after almost one year experience I have what it takes. Time to learn new things in the field with different set. Verakin High school had perfect environment and great students. Huge drawback though was location. At the top of Nanshan(南山) mountain. Going to the city would take at least one hour and around is almost nothing else than mountains, hot-pot restaurants and an old aqua-park. Second choice was Bashu secondary school. I gave them 2 DEMO classes right on the first day and director of International department was excited. I decided to give it a trial for one week. It is challenging and rewarding in the same time.

Bashu secondary school is now my new place of operation where I hope to disseminate new ideas, open several eyes and inspire dozens of minds.

And what about the laptop you ask…well I am writing from it right now:-) Eventually revived by the same old same old method of “baking the Graphic card(in the oven)” I am still able to use its silicon heart and brainz…will see how long it will last.

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