Life goes ON

For several weeks there was no post. No post at all. It has several reasons:

  1. Some readers told me this blog became more of a food court than a real blog about life in China and my experience of teacher in here.
  2. Few weeks ago I started an on-line course on memrise to learn how to Read a Chinese menu.
  3. I was struck down by Culture Shock and seriously considering leaving China.
  4. Writing nice articles takes time I rather dedicated to meet with friends and learn something new.

What will happen now? 

After a thorough consideration (around 43 seconds) I decided to continue the blog in a different way, with less optimization, grammar check and graphics. Focus more on sharing experience from the class – teaching methods, grammar explanation techniques. Things I tried and failed and things I tried and worked. Adding pictures shared on Picasa. Continue posting Smoments.

But all this will come after coming back…Next week I am leaving to Romania and you can track me on my other blog from Bucharest.