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Stabbed while looking for some fun

Imagine following situation:

You are a little high, lets face it you are pretty drunk…you are coming back from a pub where you spent couple of hours chatting and drinking with your friends. Played a few games of pool. Won a several rounds, lost a few. You are bored. You are searching what to do on your way back. You spot a pair of chicks. So you tell your self…finally some fun…you approach and try to be awesome, nonchalant, rude-cool as in every other American movie. But the only think that pops out of your mouth is “Hey Chicks wanna get a room in the nearby hotel with me?” Stupid, right…Now one of the chicks pulls out knife out of nowhere and stabs you. And once more, and once again. And one more just for sure. U kneel down, bleeding…breathing heavily. Instantly sober you realize you can bleed out within seconds.

Harassed while going back home

Imagine following situation:

You and your friend are coming back from party of one of your female friends. maybe heaving couple of sips of a some alcohol, but definitely satisfied from delicious meal. Chatting with your friend walking down a dark alley you are not afraid. You feel safe you have a knife with you. Not to attack anyone, just to defend yourself. As you know from every other American movie, the streets at night might be dangerous and unpredictable. Suddenly a guy approaches you and your friend…adrenaline hits the ceiling. FEAR. He smells of alcohol and is dangerously close to you…blabbering something about going to a hotel with him. Your hand reaches cold and solid hilt of your savior. Once, twice, three times…ONE MORE and RUN….RUUUUUN.

Those stories are just products of my imagination. I guess my brain wanted to get rid of the creative energy accumulated over time. Low attention to this blog! – guilty as charged 🙂

Anyway, you can watch the video triggering my creativity here:

World is crazy place to live in.