Movember in Chongqing

New year, new adventure, new Mo

Be COOL, be IN, try something your girlfriend will not approve under any other circumstances. You now have an ultimate excuse to alter your look without compromise. Movember is here to help us, modern men try new looks every year. Smart way to try something new. MO movement, MObros, movember…for MEN from MEN.   

Just remembered last year when I came to Chongqing I still had my MO for couple of last days. As I found some pictures you can also check it out. This year’s MOVEMBER is approaching and it is time to pick new shape for my MO.

Although at first I considered this movement purely commercial or marketing move, last year I gave it a try. Not because of its idea but because it is a great excuse to grow mustache, not to shave and discover something new about yourself.