How to add value to your teaching materials

How to screenshot on HTC phone

Recently as I started incorporate more and more personal materials to the teaching. From my wallpaper and music collection, to favorite books and articles…all can be well used to inspire the students and engage them more. Once you offer them something from your self, they become more comfortable sharing their stories and trust degree rapidly rises as same as respect. They start to ask you more questions…

Where is my teacher making these photos?
Where can I find this piece of software?
Whats the name of the Hero from the book he was reading?

Intriguing questions awaiting to be answered and the ultimate source (The Internet) to answer them.
Since I certainly don’t read Chinese books and my pictures are not shared on popular Chinese social media site sina weibo, they have to brows the english sites and thus train their english skill.

Today I was preparing material for next week and while chatting with my friends on a popular chatting platform weixing (wechat) I realized the usage of conditionals can be very common in English. Though it is tricky to master it and might get complicated – 3rd and mixed conditional especially:-D

I searched my conversations for basic examples and wanted to share them in presentation. BUT eyyy…how do you do a screen-shot on your HTC Android phone...after 10 minutes trying and searching in options I decendet to good old google and find a solution online. Honestly it would never occure to me that such combination of button clicks might be helpful.

Hope it will help more people to create personalized materials for their students.