Movember in Chongqing – result

Movember is over 

…and I hope you guys enjoyed rising of public awareness as same as cool look and attention of crowds:-|) Last month was very inspiring and I met several Chongqing expats fighting the same battle. Glad to meet you all guys. Maybe next year our ranks will be a little wider 🙂

This year was in the sign of getting to know the tools and learn possible alterations as well as the basics of sculpting, shaving, moisturizing and aftershave doctrine. More about all these things can be found in an excellent article on (in Czech).

Here are several hints I found out this year. Unlike last year, I planned the mustache to be groomed more often and not simply grow wild. First I decided to go for Adolf +goatee, but…this was not an option since my MO simply does not grow any hair in the middle where proper Adolf could be made.
Eventually I chose  the French style with goatee inspired by Floyd’s cut in this episode of The Guild.

Lets get to the movember hints:

  1. If you plan to sculpt, buy a razor, your MACH3 whatever is not going to do a good job.
  2. Always dry your razor before doing the next stroke. Dry razor means more precise and smooth shave.
  3. Your shaving foam is for gliding, not water on your razor! Use quality shaving foam, it pays off.
  4. Small scissors can deal with longer or off the track hairs. Do not force it with the razor, you can damage all your sculpting.
  5. Always use aftershave – girls love that and will forgive you your one month rebellion.
  6. If your Mo is blond/pale, go and dye it…look to the right on Matej and his awesome Mustache after using black dye.