Random Food 2-6 – How does it work

Random Chinese Food

OK guys, since I came to China, many things changed. I realized there is something like Chongqing dialect, my belly grew bigger and students call me strict. Nonetheless, one thing remains the same and I dare to say it will remain that way for quite some time…The way I pick my food in restaurants.

There are many kinds of Chinese restaurants around (Sometimes I feel like China is one big food stall:-) that offer variety of satisfiers for my hungry belly. But they all got one thing in common…Chinese menu. Thus my choice of “Chinese food of the day” is very limited.
Or rather…It gives me infinite possibilities to try and choose?

Thanks to this opportunity/necessity I realized how easily one can explore the dark corners of foreign cuisine. Now I will share my findings with you 🙂

Random Food 2-6 双菇肉片

Looks: Thats why I have the pictures here, right 😉 3
Smell: Good or bad…the only think to decide is how good or how much bad it actually was. 3
Taste: Did I taste the proclaimed ginger in my rice? Was the celery crisp and mushroom taste noticeable?  4
Spiciness: I like Spicy food, I love it. I even ask for it sometimes or add more chili into my soup. But all has its limits and the spicy in Sichuan can easily exceed the expectations – A LOT.   0
Satisfactory Level: This one always depends on many factors. Mostly on how hungry I am at the time of ordering food. But also on how I feel after the meal was finished. And last but not least, the way the food was able to banish hunger. 4

Scale of grades is 1 to 7 and a simple verbal evaluation is present for Overall rating based on those 7 grades in average.

Overall: Ahmm…Good

One of the first meals I had here in Chongqing. I was hungry as hell and had to fill my belly fast. Also the first meal I had the opportunity to try in our canteen in Parksons.

Grades distribution:

  1. No
  2. Once more
  3. Ahmm
  4. Yes
  5. Good
  6. Very good
  7. Perfect

For features not present I will put 0

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