Random Food 5-7

Random Chinese food

Looks: 4

Smell: 4

Spiciness: 1

Satisfaction Factor: 6

Overall: Yes

Price TAG: 14 RMB

This time I visited my good old dumpling restaurant but tried something totally different. I reached for the menu and searched for a know words. 鸡 – for chicken, 牛 – for cow and 肉 – for meat.

Found cow and meat in one row and decided to give it a try. I was hoping that a nice beef steak will arrive in front of me, but instead the usual rice, egg, spicy pickles, fried vegetable, slice of tofu with a little bit of boiled beef occurred.


It was worth the try. As I was hungry I did not complain and devoured all that was on my plate. Even though there was not much meat, I felt pretty full.

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