Random Food Special – Biggest shrimps in Chongqing

Random Food Special – BIG Chongqing shrimps with Tom

Looks: 6


Spiciness: 5

Satisfaction Factor: 5

Overall:  Good

Price TAG: 60 RMB

Remember the fishing last week? Even though we did not catch anything, we had a backup plan. Tomas is a real gourmet and he wanted to introduce us this special hot-pot restaurant. As he claims, with the biggest shrimps in Chongqing.

We took a cab to Yangjiaping on the other side of Yangtze river, close to the Olympic stadium and descended into the bowels of western Chongqing.We could say that the restaurant is good by the amount of people waiting in front of it. We were assigned number 19. But in less than 20 minutes we were seated and could place our order. The biggest Shrimps you have!We added also some fried vegetables, rice and tofu.

As we were obviously pretty lame in departing the good and the bad parts of the shrimps, Tom called fu er and let her do the hard job for us. She was super fast. Professional work indeed. 30 shrimps in few minutes. We could eat them right away. Even when almost peeled, they were pretty hard to manage.

Not because of their size, but because of their temperature…mainly. It was still a hot-pot restaurant and the meals were served in a constantly heated pot. Putting one of those monsters in your hand almost burned it. And you have to clean it from the shell, slice it and crunch it.

There is no good grilled and spicy meat without a properly cooled beer. And we had quite a few that evening. Although seafood is not my cup of tea and we had one of the worst tables available it was a great experience – Still Grilled fish is better 😉

After great afternoon we had amazing evening in special restaurant Chongqing – Yanjiaping.

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