Random food 7-3 莲白炒肉

Random Chinese food

Looks: 2

Smell: 2

Spiciness: 4

Satisfaction Factor: 4

Overall: Once more

Price TAG: 10 RMB

I am here in China already 4 months…And after that time you simply get used to different standard…like the take away food. It is not packed and delivered in separate boxes full of advertisements…You get always the same paper cup everywhere you go and half of the sauce will leak before you get home. Not to mention they put even the soup into the paper sup. It is almost like going to Starbucks and taking away soup instead of coffee in your paper cup.
This particular one consisted from fried cabbage, fried red spicy peppers and some kind of meat. Pretty spicy and half of the meal remained in the cup, cause it was literally bathing in oil. The rice was good though and I ate at least the whole cup of it. Can beat up the hunger but will nit satisfy your taste buds at all. Maybe next time they will be better.

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