Random food In Chongqing 豌 杂

Random Chinese food

Looks: 6

Smell: 6

Spiciness: 0

Satisfaction Factor: 7

Overall: Very good

Price TAG: 40 RMB/2 persons

Chongqing reached the critical temperature last week. City of Hot-Pots and Bangbangs has entered the summer season and temperatures are climbing permanently over 40 degrees.

On Tuesday George pulled me out in to that heat and dragged me all the way to Yangjiaping electro market to check actual offers for cannon lenses. As we were melting in the taxi, his ideas were getting more coutures and I could contemplate on the necessity of air-condition in taxis.

Long story short. A new 70-200mm lens landed on his 5DmarkIII Cannon camera, which offered me an unique opportunity to try his old 24-105mm lens as 2 of my shots were dedicated to Random food.

One underground passage in Jiefangbei is serving great food. It is super busy in the lunch and dinner times, but when you ar elucky you can squeeze in. Me and George were right on time before they closed. We ordered 3 dishes and payed exactly 50 kuai with 2 drinks.

One dish was boiled beef, second one yellow beans and last one a variation on mashed potatoes. Although we wanted some noodles. This particular shop is focusing only on rice. So two bowls of rice and we could eat. I must say I was really positively  surprised and when in proximity I will definitely pay a visit in there again. 


As me and George were leaving the closing shop, our bellies were screeming with pleasure and filled with warmth of satisfaction. Totally recommend this one underground restaurant.

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