The extraordinormal birth of Random Food

The extraordinormal birth of Random Food

It started like an innocent Lunch. I was in Chongqing for just a couple of days and my co workers were so kind and nice to me. Not that they are not anymore. But the first week at work they have taken special care of me. Apart from explaining the work related stuff, they’ve also taken me out for a lunch or dinner to show me around our workplace.

This was one such a visit. Went out of Parksons building heading towards West Nanping road. 3 Girls and me. Walking down the road. Towards my future bank. A sudden turn right. Just before we reached the bank. Into a narrow alleyway.

“What do you want to have”, Joenee asks me? The only thing I see in front of me is a guy behind mobile canteen. Having just two simple tables next to his mobile canteen with less than 10 seats. All full and more are waiting. Out of huge cooking pot column of steam is rising. Although the cook is dressed just in a long sleeve t-shirt with apron over it, the temperature is no higher than 5 degrees.

With extreme dexterity and professionalism he is filling one bowl after another with noodles. Every time he reaches for fresh load of noodles. Exactly the same movement. Every time he pours scoop of soup over the noodles. Exactly the same movement.

lao(3) ban(3) – 老板 is having quite a rush. All seats are full and more people are waiting around to place their order. Girls utter few words in Chinese to the boss and I am so immersed into making pictures i utter just “The same.” “La?!”…”Yes”. In that time I had no idea what is the degree of spiciness for different levels of la.

4 red&black bowls are prepared. Filled only with noodles. Steaming while waiting for remaining ingredients to be added. Typical scent of traditional spices hits the air. I can not wait to try my first street food in China.

Served traditionally with chopsticks and toilet paper :-))

…so the RANDOM FOOD was born.