Youtube to MP3 add-on for your browser

Convert YouTube videos to MP3…

…fast, easy and convenient converter for your favorite videos from YouTube.

Have you ever stumbled upon a video clip on YouTube and you could not find the MP3 version of the song? Youtube to MP3 add-on is here for you.
With this Add-on you do not have to spend hours searching for the music and easily convert tunes you like directly from the source. How to do that:

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox
  2. Choose Tools in the menu
  3. Click Add-ons and the manager will open
  4. In the left panel choose Get Add-ons
  5. To search field in top-right corner type “Youtube to MP3” and hit Enter
  6. Pick the Add-on you like and click Install

Or you can download this Add-on for Firefox, Chorme and Safari browsers from Here.

My 3 cents

I was searching for an MP3 version of one of my favorite quote from FAR CRY 3 game and could not find it. First there was the idea to put them into my phone and have them as a ring tones. Could not find them in the game folder so I decided to download them form the Internet. But, what the hell, there are only videos and in-game movies…and this eventually led me to download this useful piece of software.