Merry Chinese Christmas

Merry Christmas from China

Its been a three weeks since i came here to Chongqing, right…or maybe four. Eventually I find out the way to publish something on a blogspot. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. Here in China, The Country of the middle, there are some sites pretty much BLOCKED. One of that kind are blogs. From WordPress to Blogger, people connected to the “common” Internet are not allowed to view any such content. The same goes for Youtube, Facebook Google or even Picasa. So after a week when I finally obtained lovely connection of 4 Mb/512 Kb for the price of 100 RMB per month I had to solve yet another issue.

We can talk about that later, or better…If you want to know more information concerning restrictions of the Internet content here, send me a message to my mail at hotmail and i will let you know the details. And give you the secret insight into my connection management so you will know how is it possible that I write the blog in here;-)

The reason I am writing is not only to let you know that I AM ALIVE here in the FAR EAST, but also to give you an easier access to pictures and stories from my Chinese life. If you ever wondered:

  • How does a westerner(Czech) feel in China?
  • What do you have to eat in China?
  • What do you have to know in order to even get the food here?
  • How Chinese perceive a westerner in their environment?
  • Do they understand English?
  • What do they know about Czech Republic?
  • What are the traditional stereotypes about the western world?
  • What stereotypes about China are totally off?

or simply

  • How is the weather in Chongqing?

Just check out from time to time. Stories, pictures and interesting pieces of knowledge will be spilled over the sites to amuse and inform those interested.

And NO, I am not going to talk about the regime, politics and girls. If you are interest in one of those topics, send me a private message to my mailbox.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from China!