Random Food 1-6

Random Chinese food

Looks: 5

Smell: 4

Spiciness: 0

Satisfaction Factor: 1

Overall: Ahmmm

Price TAG: 7 RMB

Once upon a time, there was my favorite dumpling restaurant. And they were serving great dumplings, any kind you can imagine….well thats what a fairy tale concerns. The reality is unfortunately different. Yes, they have delicious dumplings.Yes, they have good prices. Yes, they have a pretty good variety. But still they don’t have picture menu. Although I already Leveled-UP I still mostly rely on Random food. This time I pointed on something in the dumpling section, what I thought is a spicy dumpling soup.

EEEENG….wrong!! Lao ban placed in front of me a plate full of something I could not identify. It was looking like a badly shaped chips crossed with nachos. Total brain teaser. I never imagined the dumplings could look like that. But they do. And honestly it does not look that bad. I would say impressive. They have not much taste, are crunchy and really dry. Fried probably in peanut oil. I had to add some spicy sauce in order to feel any taste at all. I was feeling really hungry after that super small portion (10 or so pieces).

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