Random Food Finger-point

Chinese Food Finger-point 1.0

Looks: 1


Spiciness: 0

Satisfaction Factor: 4

Overall:  No

Price TAG: 15 RMB

Sometimes You don’t have a time to prepare your own food or go to arestaurant to eat. Working 8 hours a day makes you very busy and time is scarce.Preparing food takes time, right? So some companies are focusing on ready made food…to save your time.

This time it was not my food, but my coworkers decision. He saw a cheese, meat and vegetables on the package, so decided to purchase it. But when it came to eat it. He unpacked the food…and what you can see on pictures is the actual food he faced. We were all pretty startled and honestly disgusted.

Compare for your self whether the package and the actual product are similar.

This food can be purchased in any supermarket in Chongqing – Carefour, NCDS,…Honestly it makes me feel very bad about the food culture and nutrition standards our society descended to. Fake commercials became a standard. Showing photoshoped,  unrealistic images of products became normal and people are getting used to it. Commercials and advertisements are showing us something we want to see not what is actually delivered. Thats the world we are living in.

Do you have a similar experience? Have you ever encountered the same extreme difference between what was advertised on the package and how the food actually looked like? Share your story with me.

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