Tuesday’s entertainment in Chongqing

Guanyinqiao evening entertainment

What can you do in the evening in Guanyinqiao area? Plenty of restaurants, shopping malls and places to enjoy late afternoon and evening are inviting the voisotors to taste this comercial site after dark.

Just before the sunset you can sneak in to the Sonam Indian Restaurant to enjoy Chicken Tikka Masala with traditional garlic bread. For 50 RMB you will get full dish and cold beverage.

This restaurant is located in the 5th floor shopping center right across the pedestrian area to the left when you exit light rail through exit number 3. You will see the KFC sign. Just go inside the shopping mall entrance to the right and find your way up the 5th floor. Believe me, the search is worth it.

You can smell the incense before even entering the restaurant. Chinese hostesses in Indian garments are not fluent in English, but will take you a fully pictured menu with English translation. Before you place your order a glass of water and a small snack is served. You can check the chef’s work also, since the wall dividing restaurant from kitchen is transparent. Or simply dive into the Indian melodies decently accentuating pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant.

After you finish your meal it is time to roam around the pedestrian area. You can find anything and everything from clothes, shoes and lingerie to torchlights and fake swords.

When you are done with “window” shopping head to the LunaSea 喵酱茶屋 cat coffee.This lovely place is hidden in 25th floor of a commercial building near Guanyinqiao – 重庆江北区北城天街城红鼎国际 C25-11(print the address because you will have to ask someone on the street to navigate you). For a relatively high price – virgin Mojito 36 RMB you get amazing atmosphere and great service. Young lady owner really loves her work(cats) and gives customers feeling like they are at friends house rather than in a coffee. Free wifi, amazing view and free cat play. Not to mention you can choose from many different board games, from go to Monopoly. One more thing – try not to wear black clothes the cat fur is everywhere.

Enjoy Chongqing, Enjoy Guanyinqiao, Enjoy China.