Monday’s entertainment in Chongqing

Fishing in Chongqing amusement park

Last Tuesday we visited restaurants in Guanyinqiao. This time we will have chance to try something more active in another part of the city. This time in Nanping, south bank of Yangtze.

The idea first popped on our minds when I was swimming in the Yangtze river. We saw some fishermen along the river bank and wanted to try it as well.

Get off at the Gong mao(工贸) subway station on blue line 3 and take exit nr.2 out. Along the Chongqing exhibition center straight ahead. Across the street you should see the brown traffic sign of Chongqing amusement park (Yóulèyuán – 游乐园). It is right next to the gas station.

No entrance fee to the park itself(at least we did not pay anything), but all attractions has to be payed. I don’t know if it was due to the weather or simply because the season did not start yet, but almost no attraction was working. If you know Chinese you can navigate yourself according to the plan at the gate. If not, use gestures of fishing to ask the nearest person and he/she will show you the way. Down the stairs pass a zipline and you will see small pond.

Check the restaurant at the bottom of the stairs on your right, in there you can have a lunch or something to drink. For now head to the admission office and fishing equipment on the other side. Look to your right when crossing the pond and take some pictures of Shanhuba bridge from unusual angle.

Fishing rods and fish food can be obtained for as less as 5RMB each. You can choose from wet or dry style fish food, but I don’t think there is much difference in it. At the admission office you can also buy snacks and something to drink.

The pond is relatively small and can be circled in several minutes. Two artificial peninsulas and peers gives you chance to pick the right spot and also to serve more people. Though it was Monday afternoon and tiny-tiny rain much people were present. I suppose during weekends and nicer weather the pond will swarm with fishermen, so choose your time well.

Any fish you catch you should take, no matter the size. After you are satisfied with your catch, head to the restaurant where they grill the fish for you. Or you can take it away. Price for the fish is 23(13)RMB/kilo depending on if you are going to grill it or take it away.

Decide for yourself where you want to eat your fish and enjoy the atmosphere in Chongqing.