Random Food – muslim food in China

Random Chinese food that was not at all Chinese

Looks: 5

Smell: 4

Spiciness: 3

Satisfaction Factor: 6

Overall: Good

Price TAG: 2 RMB/ per stick or bread

This weekend We traveled to Chengdu to give a good bye to Alex. (Maybe you remember Alex and Sunnini, two superb people I met while traveling to the south during Spring festival Road trip.) Well Alex as translator obtained job and he will leave on Friday to Ethiopia.

Nevertheless, we managed to get to Chengdu.and Alex took us to a very nice neighborhood near the Sechuan university to have a late afternoon snack – xiao chi. He brought us to a Muslim restaurant that served halal food and is run by Uyghur minority from north-west province Xinjiang.

We ordered grilled lamb meat on the stics and a brea. The bread was the best bread I ever tried in China. Pretty bland and dense as it should be. This restaurant although I don’t know its name will definitely see me again as a guest ans customer. here its how it looks like from the outside:

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